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Medical Imaging

1. Radiology Department

Staffed by full-time and part-time radiologists and assisted by radiology technicians, the radiology department assists the physicians in undertaking prescribed radiologic tests. Washington Medical Center has fully digital x-ray from Fujifilm-Japan, high-end multi-purpose ultrasound from GE-USA. WMC currently provides MRI and CT scan service with a close arrangement and at discounted price at a standalone diagnostic center not far from the main premise. The construction of the purpose built radiology unit inside the medical center is now 95% complete and is just awaiting delivery of the MRI, CT scan, and mammogram.

As with the other units at WMC, the radiology department is also fully digital using PACS to archive and share radiology images securely.





2. Echocardiography








3. Endoscopy









          4. EKG